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Holistic aspects


The Eudinamica © ® is not a cure because it reserves only to improve the energy circulation from which the Vis Naturae Medicatrix can express its full potential. The energy structure of a living being is in constant change as well as can be instantly optimized by applying the Eudinamica © ®. The observation of the energy conditions obviously has no diagnostic aspects.

From the observations made by applying the Eudinamica © ® , shows that the instantaneous increase joint function obtained by restoring the coherence energy in an area is less than the value obtained in the same joints as the entire system.

This demonstrates that an analytical approach or modular, that suggest the analysis of complex systems by dividing them into their component parts and then study separately the characteristics can not observe some basic properties that are revealed only allowing feedback between complex systems.

The Character holistic and the importance of action for the obtaining of a positive change in one part can be confirmed with instrumental measurements.

Compared with the singularity: the process leads to a result completely similar of energy arrangement of the single subject examined.

Originality. This Natural Discipline comes from the observation of TCM translated in accordance with the principles of biophysics and interpreted in a totally original by Dr. Angela Gentile.

By Eudinamica happens for the first time that a Discipline Natural, Holistic, which is concerned with the energy of the entire living being, to be scientifically codified, reported in precise flowcharts that identify and protect it at 164 Countries in the World.

This is not a miscellany or a reinterpretation of previous techniques with other names.

Independence from instrumental equipment. The operator can also work free from the use of measuring instruments, it is not forced to incur costs to implement the protocol of Eudinamica © ®.

Independence by means of stimulation. It always reaches the condition Eudinamica even when the operator does not want to use means outside the body for action on the energy circulation (such as moxa, supports stimulation of acupuncture points of various types, Bach flowers, etc.). You can then break free from the need to purchase any other supports or devices to apply the Eudinamica © ®.

Compared organism: In Eudinamica © ® are not recommended or administered to the subject supplements, natural cures or otherwise, even if it is possible to use them in conjunction  of Eudinamica’s  application.

Any plans of pharmacological treatment followed by the user continues without problems in the interaction with the Eudinamica © ®.

The body is not stressed with arbitrary energies (such as certain temperatures or electrical charges and / or magnets and / or nanotech products).

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