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What is Eudinamica


What is Eudinamica © ®

The Eudinamica © ® is a Natural Discipline with scientific characteristics that , through a holistic approach, studies the behavior of the energetic dynamic of complex systems in living beings in order to bring it to the maximum consistency and intensity.


The Eudinamica © ® is not a cure and does not used to make a diagnosis. Optimize the energetic dynamic is the basis for those spontaneous organic processes induced by biological intelligence which in antiquity was called Vis Medicatrix Naturae.

The possible existence of the condition Eudinamica © ® has been theorized by Dr. Gentile who conceived the idea of producing the effect of resonance signal in a complex electromagnetic system, how can it be that of the principal meridians present in living organisms, in capable of generating an optimization of the conditions for electromagnetic dynamic in the same system and a consequent repercussion of the optimization of the electromagnetic dynamic in the individual regions. These condition involves every other energetic system of the same organism (from the tonic-postural than cardiovascular) that corresponds to the condition of  true energetic dynamic.

Eudinamica despite being a discipline that draws nourishment from elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Compmentary Medicines, biophysics up to some of quantum physics, has a strong and original identity.

The application of this Natural Discipline feeds the feedback mechanism between complex systems which allows the obtaining of an instant change, clear and stable of parameters observed also by means of scientific equipment.

Dr. Angela Gentile who has theorized and developed this discipline is also owner of the respective trademark Eudinamica. 

These rights are granted to the Association that promotes the courses. The registration of the trademark and rights with deposit and legal protection in 164 countries of the world are used to guarantee the originality and the activity of the Operators applying the Eudinamica © ® after obtaining the Technical Qualification. 

The release of the Technical Qualifications and National Diplomas in Eudinamica © ® , in Italy is regulated by The Sports Promotion recognized by CONI, CSEN (National Educational Sports Center).

In other countries the partnership and cooperation agreements concluded identify the organizations responsible for issuing the same permissions.


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