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Additional Features


Permanence of effects, proved instrumental in sports, even after finishing the treatment period.

Immediacy of the effects of increased muscle strength, increase joint function and the harmonization of the two hemi-sides. 

Effectiveness implied: Having successfully demonstrated the full applicability without the use of supports of any kind, we can say that the success dell'Eudinamica © ® does not depend on the effectiveness of the means used but it is implicit in this discipline.

Integrability: The success of Eudinamica © ® is due to the application of a simple and easily method applicable in synergy with many other disciplines.

The fact of dealing with the energy dynamic and not of the consequences chemical, functional and structural puts the discipline in a condition of great advantage because its integrability is extreme.

If it is true that the Eudinamica © ® was created to enhance athletic performance, it is also recognized that a more consistent energy supply is beneficial to any living being, from man animal to the plants.

Transversality: Even if the base is the same in all areas, specific applications due to specific requirements are left to professionals trained in Eudinamica © ® that are both holders of the specific academic and or professional.

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