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Access to Courses

Notify here if you want to participate in a course Eudinamica © ® in Italy or other countries, indicating the favorite places and filling in the fields on the booking form.

Upon reaching the number of participants, the dates will be communicated to the parties concerned, confirmed reservations and assigned tutors.

The courses Eudinamica © ® are not advertised to avoid an excessive number of participants and allow for a good preparation of the Operators. If you are interested we will keep you informed of the courses in your area. These courses are not created for use machinery, or devices produced by some company. Please note that the course Eudinamica © ® allows you running quickly, complete and autonomous.

Course Information:

Course Eudinamica © ® Level Advisor

What do I learn?

The teaching of the fundamentals of Eudinamica © ® and practice related to the following topics:

Introduction to Biophysics

Energy of matter

Endogenous electromagnetic field

Photons, information and coherence domains in quantum physics

Interactions between energy fields

The cell and its biophysical characteristics

The bioresonance

Homeostasis and disturbance of the organic ground

Water vehicle and storage of information

Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Energy meridians, and physiology course of the main canal

Characteristics and use of energy points

The scientific method

Pre-requisites of work

Energy Optimization

Decoding and interpretation of the mapping Eudinamica © ®

How to correct and overcome the main obstacles

Teaching of the check C.P.H. ,Biofeedback Technology and the Protocol SEAFE

Philosophy of Eudinamica © ®, Ethical Standards of qualified Operator as Advisor in Eudinamica © ®, tax and legal issues relating to the exercise of its business

All participants at the end of residential training have access to the restricted area and to online content in the reserved area of the site of Eudinamica © ®.