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Is it easy to complete the course? 

Who attends an Eudinamica © ® Course Advisor (Basic Course Level 1) shall be awarded after following a course of at least 45 hours between residential teaching, in-depth online and training with an operator already formed in Eudinamica © ® (Tutor). May require to overcome their qualification test and practice valuation after passing the written exam, oral and practical. valuation


Are costs transparent?

At the end of his training period, all participants have the right to request the Technical Licence and the Diploma in Natural Disciplines as Operator of Eudinamica © ®, without additional cost. The Basic Level, Advisor Eudinamica © ® allows you immediately to you be able to start working. Any Deepening Courses are optional and not absolutely necessary in order to perform at their best sessions Eudinamica © ®.

Is my diploma valid?

The Technical Qualification is valid throughout the Italian territory and for the cooperation with sporting facilities or to work as an operator in Eudinamica © ® by opening his own studio or in collaboration with other professionals.

Does the Diploma releases a recognized corporation?

In Italy, the Diploma and Technician Licence shall be issued by the Corporation of Sports Promotion recognized by CONI, CSEN - National Educational Sports Center

Do I have other benefits?

All participants will be provided free book "Fundamentals of Eudinamica." All participants can always have free access to the level already attended. Scientific instruments purchased with the proceeds of the courses are available to operators in Eudinamica © ® for research and publication. Participation in the preparation for the certification (certification optional reserved for Qualified) is free. The presence of a mark and the protection of content with legal deposit guarantees a close supervision on the name Eudinamica © ® and its contents are not claimable by others. This defends all Operators in Eudinamica © ® present and future using a Discipline and Natural Original with a clear identity.

Is the cost of the course cheap?

The cost of the basic course (basic level, Advisor Eudinamica © ®) common to all types of students is about 300 €. To this is added the portion of the membership of € 20 (including insurance for the activities carried out in the training and in the course of amateur-sports events).

There are additional levels?

Beyond the level Advisor Eudinamica © ® Expert and Master levels exist in Eudinamica © ®. These levels are optional. The cost of the Expert level in Eudinamica © ® is 800 euro. In this course can be accessed after attending the Advisor level is differentiated according to the category they belong to. Any forms of study at a cost of 200 Euros. Some special courses, a collaboration between the association that promotes Eudinamica © ® and specialized training centers are composed of from the first level and second level Expert Advisor in Eudinamica © ® and have variable costs in relation to the duration and type of composition of the training.

Do I decide whether to renew my Licence?

The current cost of renewal is 25 euro which is payable annually to the National Educational Sports Center, if the technician is active. The Authority shall by sending email newsletters and stickers for payment of the renewal of the Licence Technician. If for any reason an operator suspends its activities with the Eudinamica © ® may elect not to renew and reactivate it only when he returns to apply Eudinamica © ® without losing the Technical Qualification achieved.

Do I have all these benefits?

Social promotion of Eudinamica © ® and training originated as part of the Natural Disciplines are the purpose of the Association. Do not have a commercial perspective allows us to put the focus of the well-being of the Operators and Users that use the Eudinamica © ® in every sphere of daily life.