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The living organism is a system able to maintain stable his peculiar morphology and constant his general properties, thanks to a continuous flow of materials, energy and information endogenous and environmental.

The living beings are an open system that is affected by influence of substances and forces which feed on or which they are exposed. Its ability to maintain internal conditions while in the changing external conditions is called homeostasis. The system retains its internal conditions as consistent and high intensity of endogenous circulation energy and / or at least are unfavorable external conditions.

Every living being emits electromagnetic oscillations because it is composed of atoms as any other matter in the Universe. Every cell emits harmonic frequencies consistent in relation to the atoms, molecules, enzymes, organelles, and all other structures which it is composed. In living beings is implicit the ability to discriminate this particular band of frequencies consistent (called "window Adey") respect to background noise and interact with these frequencies. These are propagated at the speed of light and constantly inform the living system, helping to maintain energy homeostasis of the organism.

The first cell, the basic unit of living beings is already a system able to self-regulate, thanks to its membrane potential. The cell has a own metabolism, has the ability to grow and reproduce, and also to communicate through electromagnetic waves with other cells.
Inconsistent and discordant electromagnetic frequencies, as observed in F.A. Popp’s and others biophysical studies  , are due to imbalances and blockages in the energetic movement, organic problems and also of the next occurrence of diseases.    

Before the organism is changed structurally, will have to spend much time in the mediocre operating conditions and before, the energetic arrangement in the same area will must be in deficit for a long time, so as not to allow the cells to handle environmental stress with the rapidity necessary.
Fortunately, the energy condition is much more ductile and in constant fluctuation respect to the consequent functional and structural plan and is able to produce the energy optimization in a short time by supporting consequently the function and structure without being an impediment to any other action is necessary to undertake.

It been shown how in coherent systems, with no inharmonies energy flow, we have the preservation of health and the maximum yield of the organic system, which the Chinese for thousands of years, say in their text defining "harmony of Qi."  the result of coherent activity of the Meridians’ energetic channels.
In this set of capabilities is identified Vis Medicatrix Naturae, or the strength of the Nature’s self-healing,  formerly note that it is manifested as the potential difference of the cell membrane is high.

The more the cell has energy much more it will be able to respond to the conditions and stresses of high intensity manifesting a greater ability to self-healing.

Dr. Gentile has formulated the theory of the condition Eudinamica © ® in living beings.

According to this theory one can reach the state of true dynamics of the electromagnetic energy in a living organism, be it human, animal or plant only creating the resonance of its electromagnetic emissions. This new condition produced from the optimization of the energy dynamics in a complex electromagnetic system, how can it be that of the principal meridians, generates a positive effect that optimizes the dynamics of all other energy systems of the individual and restore the areas in which they are present local electromagnetic disturbance.


For the purposes of the Eudinamica © ® exceeds the state of harmony and came to the condition of energy optimization with the help of quantum physics.
In quantum mechanics, a quantum jump is the sudden transition of a system from one energy state to another. The process is described "jump" as it is discontinuous, that is to say that the system does not pass through a continuum of intermediate states. The phenomenon is not predicted by the theory of classical physics, for which there are only continuous magnitudes.

In atomic physics this jump towards a quantum state at higher energy is due to absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the form of photons of energy equal to the difference between the initial and final energy of the electron. The probability of absorption of the photon determines the broadening of the spectral lines of the atom.

This means that the atom is constituted by the same electrons, protons and neutrons but which, compared to the previous condition, thanks to the energy in the form of photons in it accumulated, the structures that constitute the atom can occupy the space with greater stability and consistency.

The main effect of the increase of energy, as stated previously, is a lower touchiness to destabilizing forces by which the system is stressed.

The perspective of prevention and preservation of the energy asset of the individual it’s produced by increasing the coherence of energy circulation, is well associated with the need to protect against disruptions that our energy field is continually exposed by repeaters, antennas, wi-fi, high voltage etc..

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