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History dell'Eudinamica

The person who conceived the Eudinamica, organized the organic body and she shared principles is the Doctor of Physical Therapy Angela Gentile.

She was born in Pescara in 1972. Since childhood she appears a creative character, a natural expressive ability in drawing, sculpture and painting, and a stubborn interest in repairing non-functional objects or create new ones. 

At ten years old she declares she wants to do a great job to say that the face every night before going to sleep: "Even today I helped someone," and she says it wants to become a physical therapist to help people recover autonomy. After following scientific studies, she graduated in Physiotherapy. Following depth courses and specializations in her profession, her greatest interest is towards rehabilitation and physiotherapy that its interested of the resolution of the disorder rather than one symptom reduction. 

A job that is always present finding is fulfilling and professional. Considering that the Traditional Chinese Medicine was difficult to apply to her profession because its great complexity and doesn’t like the idea of not having to rely blindly to a one tradition to get results, for a long time she does not elaborate on the issues of complementary and alternative energy disciplines.

At the beginning of 2008 she was aware of adhesives manufactured with nanotechnology can stimulate acupuncture points. Ignoring what were the basics of operating while noting improvements and sudden understanding that the effect could not exist on the basis of chemistry but physics, she began to study the subject in depth by adding concrete parallel to these observations, studies on traditional oriental medical and reading it principles in a completely original way, on the basis of biophysics. From that moment she began to cultivate a strong passion for biophysics. She senses the possibility that there may be a common understanding that can be grouped as directly observed, as found in scientific studies and as handed down by the MTC, at the same time  she begin writing the book Fundamentals of Eudinamica © ®.

The belief that perfection is already inherent in living beings, encouraged her to discover the laws that govern the causes for which the energy can not be conveyed in a way effective as it can produce instability, delays, diversions or improper absorption of energy present within the body. 

Continuing the integration of direct observation, scientific research and traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Gentile formulated the Theory  of condition Eudinamica in living beings.

According to this theory one can reach the state of true dynamics of the electromagnetic energy in a living organism, be it human, animal or plant, creating the resonance of its electromagnetic emissions. This new condition produced from the optimization of the energy dynamics in a complex electromagnetic system, how can it be that of the principal meridians, generates a positive effect that optimizes the dynamics of all other energy systems of the individual and restore the areas in which they are present local electromagnetic disturbances.

It is for this reason that Dr. Gentile coined the neologism Eudinamica © ®.  from Greek "good or true" and DYNAMIC "Observation of the movement and its causes".

Keeping a scientific approach and integrating it with the holistic principles she has been able to conceive, develop and record the flow charts that identify the Discipline Natural Eudinamica © ®.

Since 2009 she teaches in the first courses dissemination, the rudiments of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biophysics. Start at the same time her activity as a lecturer.

The book Fundamentals of Eudinamica © ® was published in 2010.

In 2010, she receives from the National Educational Sports Center permission to hold courses for Operator in Eudinamica © ®, as part of the Disciplines Natural.

 The National Educational Sports Center  recognized by the CONI that deals with the issue of National Diplomas and technical diploma in Eudinamica.

Because the discipline Eudinamica © ® is effective in itself, the ability to get results is independent of the use of supports, as demonstrated by the results observed.

Addressing the totality of the person the improvement of the parameters recorded simultaneously in multiple systems observed, both in the short, medium and long term.

Moreover, since its origin both scientific and holistic, its integrability is complete in any respect, it allows students from different areas of interest, obtaining better results by putting together their professional skills with the application of Eudinamica © ®.

Currently Dr. Gentile teaches Eudinamica © ® courses in Italian territory and abroad, held at the same time in this activity, that of scientific research and lecturer to disclose both the fundamentals of Eudinamica © ®. that the results obtained from the Discipline Natural Eudinamica © ®.

The number of trained operators has been steadily increasing throughout Italy and abroad. The path of individual students can take them in the long run not to be in close contact with other operators and training activities. But through the operation of each of these technicians trained over the years (wherever they may apply to the Eudinamica) many people who would not have been reached otherwise, can benefit from the improvement of their energy conditions.

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