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presentation of the book

Fundamentals of Eudinamica.

The book "Fundamentals of Eudinamica" of which the author is Dr. Angela Gentile was published in October 2010. It is free for participants ofthe course of Eudinamica © ®. 

The book does not discuss the protocols for applying the Discipline Eudinamica © ® or specifications for proper execution but only the theoretical basis and some possible applications of the effects of increasing the consistency of the energy flow.

Contents of the book and topics covered:


The energy of the Matter
                       Happiness in homeostasis Dynamics
                       Theoretically and practically
Analyze the homeostasis and disruption of and organic soil that occur constantly.
                       Features Endogenous Energy Issue
The quantum energy field, the characteristics of the photon, the domain of coherence and electromagnetic information.
            The energy of the cell
It is the biological energy, is explored the functioning of cells and with it the law of bioresonance
                       Rhythms of Flow Energy
How expresses the Energy Field
Contains hints of biophysics and information on the characteristics of the organic electromagnetic field
Disturbance of Dynamic Energy
Investigates the relationship between energy and matter. The interactions between the energy fields and the response of the flow dynamics.
Reading in key Eudinamica of Karma and Familiarity
Dynamic Flow Soma and Psyche
            Environmental Factors and Organic Dynamic Energy
                       The Man and the Environment
The Water as Energy and water as vehicle of information memory
            Water and Thoughts
                       The Heart, Power of Existence
                       The Limpid Intelligence of the Heart
                       Dynamic Energy and Mental Activity


Endogenous flow: Means, Tools, and Interactions
It is a survey that covers the basics of traditional Chinese medicine. The Tao, the yin and the yang, the theory of the 5 elements revisited through the principles of Eudinamica.
            Endogenous Electromagnetic Lines
            The Power of the Human Being according to M.T.C.

The energy meridians: physiology of the main canals and their course
                       First cycle of the flow of Ch'i
                       Second Cycle of the flow of Ch'i
Third Cycle of the flow of Ch'i
            Stimulate the Dynamic Power
            Using the Passive Resonance and Biophotomodulation in Eudinamica
The basis through which it is possible to modulate the qualitative energy in the meridians and how to activate specific responses of homeostatic balance using the applications to increase the constructive interference
                       Check C. P. H.
                       Use of devices and their properties
                                   Technical Eudinamica
                                   Biofeedback technique
                                   Special Considerations
                       Diagnostic Tools and Evaluation
            Important Notes for the Advanced Use



The process of session in Eudinamica © ®.
             the Practice
                        The Dynamic Energy on the Physical Plane
                        Small "First Aid"
                        The Energy Passes
                        The Chakra System in Eudinamica
                        Map of Operations Shu Points
            The dynamic energy on scheduling Cell, on beliefs and on Reversals.

Contains a description of the whole mind and consciousness, the structure of the brain as electromagnetic system and the use of consistent information to change the power state of the system
                        The Energy Dynamics of Biological Programs
The Dynamic Efficiency for Briefcase and Thin Plans
Increase Aura
Interemispheric Synchronization

Appendix of Scientific Discussion